Five Must-See Museums in New York City

For the full New York experience, be sure to include these sites—from the Museum of Mathematics to the Met—on your travel itinerary

Metropolitan Museum of Art.
(Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)

American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History

(AMNH / D. Finnin)

Founded in 1869, the American Museum of Natural History documents human cultures, the natural world and the cosmos. Its Hall of Biodiversity features an evolutionary timeline tracing 1,500 specimens over 3.5 billion years, and the Rose Center for Earth and Space houses a 429-seat planetarium. The dioramas lining the museum’s hall offer visitors a look at human environments and biological ecosystems through time. The lifelike three-dimensional figures inside, set against a painted backdrop, are the collaborative work of historians and taxidermists. But the museum’s most popular attraction is the museum’s fourth-floor dinosaur exhibit, with fossil skeletons of a Tyrannosaurus rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and some lesser-known duck-billed dinosaurs. The Glen Rose Trackway, a 107-million-year-old set of dinosaur prints excavated from a Texas riverbed in 1938, is also on display. Admission is $25 for adults, $19 for students and seniors and $14.50 for children.

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