Rebirth of Urdu weekly Nasheman

    By Shaik Zakeer Hussain,,

    Bangalore: On 22nd September this year, iconic Urdu weekly newspaper Nasheman closed up shop. Launched in 1962 by Usman Asad, and later joined by prominent Urdu journalist Ameerulla Nizami, it was known for its witty observation and dauntless criticism of the political establishment, with no exception. But after fifty one years of relentless journalism and polemical commentary, its end came; to the much surprise of its loyal readers, rather abruptly.

    Nasheman, however, is coming back. The weekly’s current editor and eldest son of its founder, Rizwan Asad says the newspaper will be relaunched on 26th January 2014, marking its fifty second anniversary, the very date his father had started it in 1962.

    Rizwan Asad

    The newspaper was shutdown, as reported by TCN few months ago , due to misunderstanding which arose between Rizwan and his younger brother, a short address to its readers in its last edition had said the paper will be closed down, due to unavoidable circumstances. Speaking to TCN, Rizwan assured the siblings have come to an amiable mutual understanding and he is now the sole proprietor of the establishment.

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    But will the rebooted Nasheman Weekly, be different than its past avatar? Rizwan Asad says no. “The paper was known for its strong editorial line and for challenging the status quo, so it will continue its legacy,” however, he says, this time, it will be more critical, and for obvious reasons, will carry advertisements.

    Usman Asad, who had set out to create a revolution with his newspaper, had never taken advertisements, saying it will kill its independence, which he zealously believed was quintessential for a newspaper, however, the son Rizwan maintains that ads are necessary for the survival of a paper and he will not hesitate displaying it. But one thing, Nasheman will stick to, is its reluctance to enter the online world, at least for now. According to Rizwan, publishing content on the web, will have an impact on the circulation of his newspaper, which he says, he cannot afford.

    Rizwan will be joined by journalists Siraj Sahar, Iqbal Azhar, Sardar Pasha, his son Usman Asad (who is named after his grandfather) and his wife Husna Rizwan, who’ll be writing on women’s issues. He urges readers to support him, in Nasheman Weekly’s new chapter and says, “We want to be the eyes and ears of the Muslim society.”

    Rizwan Asad can be contacted on: 09844019267.

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