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sexta-feira, 6 de abril de 2012

Cassia Eller: Partido Alto ( Lyrics Translated )

Superior the Party
God is a joker face
He loves to play
because to put me in the world
He had the whole world to choose
But he found very funny
make me angry
In the belly of misery
I was born Brazilian
I’m from Rio de Janeiro
He says he gave
He says it gives
It says that God will
I will not doubt, oh denies
And if God did not give
How will it be, oh denies?
“give to God,” “give to God”
He says he gave
He says it gives
It says that God will
I will not doubt, oh denies
And if God deny
I’ll get angry and
God gave, God give
Jesus Christ me still paid
One day still explain me
How in the world put
This poor creature
I run the world
Give a hominy
That is to see if someone involves rhythm
The roar of the pwita
a hug for those who stay, my bro
God gave me hands velvet
To make caress
God gave me many memories
And too lazy
God gave me long legs
And a lot of malice
To chase the ball
And escape the police
One day I’m still news
God made me a poor man
Toothless and ugly
Skin and bone, just
Almost without filling
But if someone challenges me
And put my mother in the middle
I give a beating in all
And without messing up my hair
Because I’m bored.

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florida class d security training online

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Posted by


1 year ago


Can you get a Florida Class D security license online?

I'm going to get my class d license in Florida. I know about the 40 hour courses I have to take. The places that offer training are a bit of a drive away. Are there any online options. I can't seem to find info online so I though I'd come here.


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level 1


5 points · 1 year ago

Yea thats a big no. It has to be done by a K class instructor in a 40 hour class. There has been an uprising in scam classes out there. So make sure you find a credible place to go.

level 2


1 point · 1 year ago

Ah, D license doesn't have to be done by K instructor. To teach the D class you must only have DI license, K is for firearms.

level 1


Security Trainer2 points · 1 year ago

That's most likely going to me a solid no, and anyone that tells you different is likely going to be a less than reputable fly by night operation that while it may result in you getting a Class D license, you could potentially find yourself getting it revoked pending an investigation of the training company.

While the FL Security Officer Handbook [PDF] is not very specific for Class D:

successful completion of a minimum of 40 hours of professional
training at a school or training facility licensed by the

However for armed it is more specific in saying:

In order to qualify for the Class “G” license, you must
successfully complete 28 hours of range and classroom
training pertaining to the use of firearms in connection with
duties regulated under Chapter 493, Florida Statutes. 

The specific statute 493.6303 (4)(a) spells it out pretty clearly:

(4)(a) Effective January 1, 2012, an applicant for a Class “D”
license must submit proof of successful completion of a minimum
of 40 hours of professional training at a school or training
facility licensed by the department. The training must be
provided in two parts, one 24-hour course and one 16-hour
course. The department shall by rule establish the general
content and number of hours of each subject area to be taught. 

FL Security Offcier Training Curriculum Guide [PDF]

level 2


Original Poster1 point · 1 year ago

Ya i figured that just thought I would ask

level 1


1 point · 1 year ago

I just took mine at S2 in Orlando, and was very pleased. I'm headed to Brantley next week for my Class G.

level 2


Original Poster1 point · 1 year ago

what is s2

level 3


1 point · 1 year ago

S2Institute , they're pretty good guys. They have branches in Orlando and Tampa. The Orlando branch is right next to the Orange County licensing bureau on OBT.

level 4


Original Poster1 point · 1 year ago

ok cool thanks for the info

level 2


1 point · 1 year ago

Got my stuff at S2 as well. If you're looking to get your licenses, I suggest them.

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Security School
Florida Security Guard Training




    UNARMED SECURITY D COURSEStudents in the Unarmed Security D Course will learn the basic principles of security including, physical security, access control, terrorism awareness and emergency procedures.  Skill development shall include report writing, interviewing techniques, crime and accident prevention techniques.  All course materials will be in compliance with F.S. 493 and legal guidelines 5N-1.  The Certificate of Completion for successfully completing theUnarmed Security D Course will be submitted along with the Division of Licensing’s Class “D” Security License Application. Graduating students who apply for, and receive the Class “D” Security Officer License are permitted to work for a licensed security agency as an unarmed security officer.

    For students seeking to become armed security officers must complete the D Course to be eligible to apply for the Statewide Firearms License. The Armed Security Training is 28 hours of additional training for the G license.

    Contact Us  (866)-540-0817




    Florida Laws F.S. 493 & 5n-1Terrorism Awareness
    CPR, AED & First Aid TrainingPublic Relations
    Emergency ProceduresCourtroom Procedures
    EthicsFundamentals of Personal Security
    Use of Force 776Interpersonal Communications
    LiabilityProfessional Communications
    Observation TechniquesTraffic Direction
    Patrol TechniquesCrowd Control
    Report WritingSpecial Problems for Security Officers
    Crime and Accident Scene ProtectionFire Safety
    Interviewing TechniquesSearch Procedures
    Access ControlIntroduction to Non-Lethal Weapons
    Crime and Accident Prevention TechniquesDefensive Tactics

    Security Training Florida

    Entrance Admission Requirements

    • Students must be 18 years of age
    • No disqualifying criminal history

    Security Training Program Objective

    • Completion of this course will prepare students entering the Security industry ensuring compliance with F.S 493 and 5N-1.

    Unarmed Security D Course Length

    • 40 Classroom Hours

    Security D Course Costs

    • Fort Lauderdale Security School : $120

    • West Palm Beach Security School : $120

    • Orlando Security School : $125

    • Melbourne Security School : $120

    • Tampa Security School : $135

    • Miami Security School : $120



    Equipment Needed

    • Pen
    • Notepad


    Contact Us  (866)-540-0817

    Florida Division of Licensing Offices 

    The Florida Division of Licensing Regulates the Security Industry. Please contact them if you have any questions we cannot answer.  Miami , West Palm Beach Tampa , Orlando , Jacksonville

    The Security Training Group Locations

    Broward County-Pembroke Pines, FL

    Palm Beach County-Boynton Beach, FL

    Orange County-Orlando, FL

    Hillsborough County-Tampa, FL

    Hands down the best!!! You can’t beat the price and the instructors are top notch I’d like to thank the instructors for giving me a truly enjoyable experience.

    Kasey George
    Kasey George
    Recent Trainee

    I went to STG to get my licenses. On Monday I took the D, G, and CCW courses and the following Friday I walked out of STG with a job starting Monday. Security firms recruit directly from the classes.

    Jane Crowley
    Jane Crowley
    Recent Trainee

    Just finished the D-course and CPR/AED certification. I chose this school expecting them to be the best and they are! They are will teach you everything you need to learn in security. Recruiters come in from companies who are ready to hire you the day you complete training.

    Walt Colson
    Walt Colson
    Recent Trainee

    This place is the top of the line when it comes to security training.
    They’re so good, they taught me how to have good trigger discipline and made me a better marksman. I highly recommend them! You’re basically guaranteed a job after you graduate their school.

    Trent Lasch
    Trent Lasch
    Recent Trainee

    The best D and G license training money can afford. Instructors and helpful, knowledgeable, and will help you any way possible. This is the place you will want to be trained for security!

    Paul Bachmann
    Paul Bachmann
    Recent Trainee

    I took my initial training with another company, they did not meet the excellence of the Security Training Group. I highly recommend them for security training in Florida!

    Brian Bolton
    Brian Bolton
    Recent Trainee

    I enjoyed the class. The instructor was knowledgeable and made it
    interesting. Thank you for a great program and the quality of instruction. I also learned a few extra tips on shooting that I didn’t know before.

    Joffre Perreault
    Joffre Perreault
    Recent Trainee

    I recently attended the Class G, Armed Security License training
    that was t he most professional and enjoyable training experience.
    Absolutely dedicated, experienced and highly professional training

    Fred Simpson
    Fred Simpson
    Recent Trainee

    An awesome security school to attend! They’re thorough and care about their students! Thanks to them my knowledge about safety is very clear and comprehensive. I would definitely recommend anyone attend their training program.

    Nessa Smith
    Nessa Smith
    Recent Trainee

    creative interview questions to ask the employer

    Save to Pocket
    Save to Pocket

    Marc’s Newsletter

    Unique interview questions to ask in an interview that get you noticed

    Marc Cenedella
    By Marc Cenedella
    Oct 14, 2016

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    Use these 21 interview questions to thoroughly impress your next interviewer.

    It’s time for my twice-a-year update of the best questions for you to ask in an interview.

    I’ve put this list together because so often we can forget what an interview’s all about. It sure feels like it’s about you, but it’s really not.

    An interview is actually about how you can help your future boss and future employer succeed. It’s about finding out what their requirements and hopes are and matching up your background and experience with what they need.

    Overlooking these basic facts about the interview is easy. There’s so much else going on in your work, your life, and in your job search, that you can forget to look at the interview from the interviewer’s point of view. And that’s a shame, because you need the interviewer to walk away from the interview thoroughly impressed.

    When I ran these questions previously, one subscriber wrote back to say:

    I have to thank you! I had an interview yesterday and it went great. When I asked about his leadership style and reward system his face lit up like a christmas tree.

    After he answered the question “how can I help you receive your next promotion?”, he began to give me advice on how I should negotiate for a higher starting salary.

    And that’s exactly the point, Readers. By asking these questions, which focus on the needs, traits, and preferences of your future boss and future employer, you’re demonstrating that you are somebody who is genuinely interested in their well-being. And the more interest we show in others, the more commitment they show to aiding our cause.

    With that in mind, here’s the twice-a-year update to my collection of “best interview questions”. My aim here is to arm you with easy-to-ask, revealing-to-answer questions for you to take with you to an interview:

    1. What’s the biggest change your group has gone through in the last year? Does your group feel like things are getting better in the economy and for your business?

    2. If I get the job, how do I earn a “gold star” on my performance review? What are the key accomplishments you’d like to see in this role over the next year?

    3. What’s your (or my future boss’) leadership style?

    4. About which competitor are you most worried?

    5. How does sales / operations / technology / marketing / finance work around here? (I.e., groups other than the one you’re interviewing for.)

    6. What type of people are successful here? What type of people are not?

    7. What’s one thing that’s key to this company’s success that somebody from outside the company wouldn’t know about?

    8. How did you get your start in this industry? Why do you stay?

    9. What are your group’s best and worst working relationships with other groups in the company? What are the pain points you have to deal with day-to-day?

    10. What keeps you up at night? What’s your biggest worry these days?

    11. What’s the timeline for making a decision on this position? When should I get back in touch with you?

    12. The economy has been getting better, and there’s a lot of hiring going on. Why did you decide to prioritize this position instead of the many others you could have hired for?

    13. What is your reward system? Is it a star system / team-oriented / equity-based / bonus-based / “attaboy!”-based? Why is that your reward system? What do you guys hope to get out of it, and what actually happens when you put it into practice? What are the positives and the negatives of your reward system? If you could change any one thing, what would it be?

    14. What information is shared with the employees (revenues, costs, operating metrics)? Is this an “open book” shop, or do you play it closer to the vest? How is information shared? How do I get access to the information I need to be successful in this job?

    15. If we are going to have a very successful year in 2017, what will that look like? What will we have done over the next 10 months to make it successful? How does this position help achieve those goals? (This question helps show your ability to look beyond today’s duties to the future more than a year away.)

    16. How does the company / my future boss do performance reviews? How do I make the most of the performance review process to ensure that I’m doing the best I can for the company?

    17. What is the rhythm to the work around here? Is there a time of year that it’s “all hands on deck” and we’re pulling all-nighters, or is it pretty consistent throughout the year? How about during the week / month? Is it pretty evenly spread throughout the week / month, or are there crunch days?

    18. What type of industry / functional / skills-based experience and background are you looking for in the person who will fill this position? What would the “perfect” candidate look like? How do you assess my experience in comparison? What gaps do you see?

    19. What is your (or my future boss’) hiring philosophy? Is it “hire the attitude / teach the skills” or are you primarily looking to add people with domain expertise first and foremost?

    20. In my career, I’ve primarily enjoyed working with big / small / growing / independent / private / public / family-run companies. If that’s the case, how successful will I be at your firm?

    21. Who are the heroes at your company? What characteristics do the people who are most celebrated have in common with each other? Conversely, what are the characteristics that are common to the promising people you hired, but who then flamed out and failed or left? As I’m considering whether or not I’d be successful here, how should I think about the experiences of the heroes and of the flame-outs?

    I hope you find these questions useful in your interviews, Readers!

    I’m rooting for you!

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    • Hey look, I don’t agree with what your critics say about you

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    If you have to look beyond your present industry or job title for your next position, identifying those transferable skills is a good exercise. But remember: It’s only a starting point.

    This is the single biggest mistake you’re making with your resume

    This is the single biggest mistake you’re making with your resume

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    The 10 biggest minutes of your interview

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    The biggest interview mistakes you can make are easily avoidable
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    The biggest interview mistakes you can make are easily avoidable

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